Web Hosting

At EBI we develop complete packages for your small to medium size business. We don’t want our customers wondering who to call if they get an email about their domain registration or how to add something to their website. So, for our customers we offer the development, setup, management, security patches and upgrades to your site on our servers plus DNS management and domain registration.

Beyond this we work with our customer to setup with a reliable email system. Many times this is where smaller business with less than 10 employees can utilize the Google Apps free tools. For some businesses that can be as simple as just the email tools, but it opens your company up to various Google tools to help promote your business with advantages of tools such as AdWords. Then the inside tools to manage various aspects of your business like Google calendars and docs. As your company grows above 10 users the yearly fees from Google are more than reasonable for the level of technology, safety and security you receive.  For the advanced services you make payment direct to Google then we assist with the support and configuration side.

For SEO we handle this several different ways depending on your in-house expertise. If you are a great writer and know your subject well we will advise on the content, how to build a keyword analysis and linking strategy for your site. From that we devise the best plan to get your site viewed by search engines. Drupal has many inbuilt tools for this and several modules to extend the SEO capabilities. If you don’t like to write we have a couple writers that are either SEO experts or great content creators that we will recommend based on your needs. Depending on your project budget we also have access to one of Austin’s premier SEO Company’s, setup an appointment and even attend it with you. From their work we will implement the strategies that make the most sense for your time and budget.

So let’s get your website started updated or refreshed today. Call us to setup a meeting.

David Crane