Firefox IGoogle homepage login issues (cookies)

There are times where a blog can be a great place just to place a nice tidbit of information to resolve a problem. I have been having issues with Firefox and an igoogle login page losing the cookie. After searching around I found this great post on how to resolve you Firefox cookie sessions.

AOL Site news is back on line and running. Many friends and business associates wondered what happen to the site and when we would get our old content back up, as they found it very useful to find local Austin area business. So the site has been updated, renewed and placed back on line. We are working out a few bugs still but should have those worked out soon. So go ahead and list your business in our business directory and enjoy the ease of finding solutions to your business and personal needs!

Getting started this week

Today we start putting together Austin Texas premier small business Infrastructure website. We have been around a couple years developing our primary piece of internet real estate and a few other web sites but it’s time to get back to basics for website setup, design, maintenance, email configuration and IT support